Monday, June 9, 2008

Sunday's paper

Maybe you saw this or maybe not, but my uncle had a nice write-up in the star and trib business section


p.s. the newspape lies, my grandmother lives in an apartment in town...and is in an competition with about 3 other old ladies to get the best parking spot at church, so being close gives her an advantage.


w1ndst0rm said...

Andy: "...everybody thinks farmers are rich but they really aren't rich..."

Article Andy posted: "It should be a good year for the $10 billion Minnesota agriculture industry, maybe even better than last year, when Minnesota crop farmers made an average of $90,612 after paying their expenses, a 37 percent increase over the year earlier."

Andy: (about to make a really long post with anecdotal evidence and the redefining of all kinds of words)

I love you; I owed you one around here.

cardinal23 said...

I don't doubt that farmers are doing well in the last couple years, but average income isn't really the right statistic to express the general well-being of farmers. Recall the joke about Bill Gates walking into a bar and, on average, everyone in there becomes a millionaire.

I don't mean to get in the way of you tweaking Andy, though.

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