Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Penny Arcade's coverage of D&D's 4th edition made me interested enough to dig for more details. Warlocks, tiefings, unlimited spells (so I wont be using the cross-bow all day!), and online play. Where do I sign up? Someone please explain the lack of D&D chatter.

Wired's coverage

Detailed Readthrough


cardinal23 said...

There has been plenty of 4E talk round these parts. I picked up the first module a couple of weeks ago, and I think we may try to run something this summer sometime.

Online play may be disappointing. To get monsters you actually have to pay per miniature, so it could get pretty expensive. Additionally, I believe everyone would have to pay to play, not just the DM. That's going to be a tough sell unless the online experience is really good.

I agree that the rules changes look good, and I'm excited to see them in action.

andrew said...

further chatter:

Half Orcs are not allowed because their existance "implies a very ugly backstory" which has been heavily ridiculed. Obviously orcs are still raping and murdering, that is why they are CE, and apparently while WOTC on one hand tries to say 'well, there are as many good orcs as there are evil elves' they still cannot accept half orcs

Halflings have gotten bigger, lost their bellies, and are now swamprats or river gypsies. Supposedly they are all travelers and traders, and because all the rivers in the world are interconnected in a big web (huh?)

DnD seems to now borrow heavily from WOW. It used to be some classes were good at non-combat rolls and others were good at combat. I.E. you send the bard to talk to the king, the theif to drug the duke, and the fighter to bash some heads. Now, each class has a specific combat roll, tank, 'striker' (dps), healer, controller (group buffs etc) and you need one of each or no-go

Dragonborn had boobies and narrow wastes on top of curved hips to excite the boys, but then they deboobied them because they couldn't come up with a good reason for those lumps on the chest to exist. Sometimes you can spot what artwork was just retouched to remove the dragonboobies.

1. Half orc = rape?
2. halfling river web?
3. Combat rolls?
4. Dragonborn get boobies?
Yea, I think those 4 catagories sum up the majority of the chatter.

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