Monday, June 23, 2008

Netflix Profiles to be Eliminated

For anyone using the Profiles function in Netflix, note that it's going away in a couple months.

For those not familiar, Profiles let one split up an account into multiple queues and recommendation lists. For example, we have the 3-DVD plan. My wife has more time to watch movies, so I assigned 2 of the 3 slots to her. We have separate logins that take us to separate queues, for which we receive separate recommendations. It was very handy for anyone with different taste in film, and also set Netflix apart from competitors.

They're trying to spin this s a way to enhance ease of use, which is clearly bullshit, as anyone who finds the process too complex simply doesn't use it. To top it off, there is no system in place to merge the queues. Movies queued in separate Profiles will simply go away. They recommend you PRINT your queue out. On PAPER. So you can manually re-enter it into you main queue.



cardinal23 said...

A stunning amount of bullshit from what had been a reasonably sane company.

Gus said...

I've been trying not to think about this. It's gonna suck when Alexis' profile goes away.

w1ndst0rm said...

You'd think Bush just won his third term.

Gus said...

Get back to us when you've seen more than twenty movies.

avk said...

Do you even have any paper, Wolf?

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