Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stuck on LIMBO

Traditionally Limbo is a spiritual state of being, born of bad religion, consisting of equal parts ‘fear of the unknown’ and, even more unfortunate, ‘fear of what was thought to be known.’ In the XBLA game this place called LIMBO is assumed, a given reality even. It is within this conundrum that you are asked what you would go through in order to rest assured on the eternal fate of your young sister and ultimately tasked with going through it. You shouldn't be caught unawares that a Platforming Puzzle set upon the edge of Hell would soon cease being clever and reveal itself as devilish.

The game LIMBO can appropriately be compared to and described as a ‘dark’ Portal (AKA GOTY 2007). Plunged into and immersed* with atmosphere you feel out the ways of LIMBO’s obstacles in slow motion. Immediately following you are forced through them again in fast forward; pressed on by and at the behest of even more atmosphere. This game, presented only in black and white, is the most beautiful to grace screens this year. As if time still exists.

. . .

To be continued. I actually have some work today.

* Baptist joke. Just for me.

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cardinal23 said...

I was thinking this one might be fun to play through together on Saturday night.

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