Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Arcade Fire -- Suburbs

Listen to the new hotness at NPR.


Qhorin said...

I like what I've heard so far. The Current has been pushing it this week.

w1ndst0rm said...

Between Karri and I the current is probably on 12 hours a day ...

w1ndst0rm said...


This is the kind of work that I shouldn't listen to straight through but I do anyway. It puts me in a funk. I shouldn't listen to it on cheap, airy, tinny work speakers either because they reinforce the forlorn-ness of the album.

I am pleased that the music style and most of the lyrics make this more of a lament over the suburbs instead of a rant against them.

I could never stand the people that cried, "Mommy/Daddy gave me things I needed like food, clothing, shelter, some form of love, and safety but no meaning."

Find your own meaning you whiney wuss that had everything handed to you which left you with nothing to do but bitch about your meaningless existence - A meaningless existence that a full third of humanity would call thriving.

Fuck you.

The kick in the teeth is that life in the city isn't full of meaning anyway. It is simply vanity. The scale and scope of life starts with depravity on one end, moves through meaningless then subconsciously sits happily on vanity on the other end. It might continue on to altruism but we can't figure out if there really is such a thing.

Sigh, life.

Gus said...

Nerve struck. I think the big gripe with the suburbs isn't that parents provided and that made people feel empty, but that the suburbs were, by wrongheaded design, a place where these feelings grew organically. They're built to crowd and separate simultaneously -- they're purposefully separated from culture and community.

w1ndst0rm said...

So QYB and create your own culture and commuity ... oh wait, that's how we got Emo kids.


Gus said...

You're kinda right on that. The best counter-culture that the traditional suburbs can reasonably support is the store-bought kind.

I kinda thought that the Internet might change that. Maybe in a generation we'll see that kind of thing flourish regardless of physical location.

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