Saturday, March 15, 2008

Took the Family to a Propaganda Film Today

We laughed.
We cried.
It was all good.

We went to see National Geographic's wonderous and wonder filled Arctic Tale narrated by Queen Latifah. (One of the most talented and multi-faceted entertainers of our time, BTW.)

At its heart the movie is a coming of age story not exactly by Dock's definition of the term. You follow a Polar Bear and a Walrus from birth to ... well, okay procreation and the hardships they face in the Arctic.

Just underneath the tail of the movie is a building buttsex. [double-meta-pun] It builds to such a crescendo by the end that you start checking the time wondering when they are going to pull the trigger.
Thankfully ...
Mercifully ...
Wonderfully done they didn't overtly teach you the lesson during the main story. They let that stand on its own and waited for the rolling credits. During which adorable and loveable children, much like the ones you brought and were surrounded by, give green tips and environmental statistics and bring the entire experience full circle.
Using statements something like:
If you wash your clothes in cold water you will save energy so the polar bears wont have to die.
If everyone drove less and we told our parents to get hybrids more walruses could live.

I should have seen that coming but they threw me a curve ball with the kids. If it was at all heavy handed or over the top the presentation as a whole was so well done I can absolutely cut them some slack in how they got the final message across. As I said at the beginning it was all good.

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Gus said...

National Geographic has been following an initiative to reach new audiences via movies. Their first attempt was K-19: The Widowmaker, about an ill-fated Russian sub. This flick, at least, is more contemporary, because next to terrorism, global warming is the new cold war.

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