Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Pretty sweet way to make an online mix tape, with pretty sweet, minimalist interface to match.
Here's mine.

From Signal vs. Noise.


Qhorin said...

Sweet. That's a great way of turning people on to new music. I'm sure the record companies will stop that from happening.


Gus said...

This is cool. Looks like their servers are getting slammed. It would be a real bummer if you bought a bunch of digital music and the files wouldn't work here. ;)

Wolf said...

A little buggy. The site kept logging me out, and I was missing songs when I logged back in. It was almost like there were two "cwolf" profiles that it kept switching between. Had to upload everything twice. That being said, it's super cool.


Gus said...

Here's mine.

The site has been phenomenally popular, so I'm guessing any issues have been from the sheer volume of uploads.

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