Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day By Day

I was asked on thursday what blogotoons I read, and I mentioned Day by Day, which apparently none of you have heard of, so here is their introductiton (basic cast burb from the author Chris Muir fleshed out by yours truely)

Zed: easygoing designer in his mid 40's who tires to see the big picture...if he remembers where his glasses are at. White guy, Ex military recently back from Iraq, and lost his previous job due to his deployment. Recent father of twins with Sam, working at Home Depot temporarily.

Sam: Cut to the Chase Engineer in her 40's who stops to smell the roses...after measuring them. Half Irish Half Japanese, all hottie, redhead, new mother.

Damon: Young self made coder whose staunch conservatism clashes with Jan's liberalism. Black guy currently running internet talkshow "Black and White" with his white girlfriend.

Jan: Intense young marketer who burns with idealism but can't seem to catch fire with her co-workers. She is the daughter of an ultrarich spaniard, and a staunch athiest, which comes into play with some regularity.

Now, as with all good conservatism, there is much hillary hate.
And of course the are some Obama shots.But aside from the democats, he tends to hit the republicans too, And Chris has a special hatred for McCain, riding him harder than Obama.
Mostly it is general refutement of mainstream reporting and bringing to light slightly obscure political happenings.
The author, Chirs Muir, did put his money where his mouth was and has spent a few months in Iraq with the troops. I'm not sure how many other Blogotooners have done that. Anways that of course spawned a little series were two of the main characters went over, allowing him to share the view through their eyes


Gus said...

Reminds me of the Boondocks. And not in a good way.

cardinal23 said...

The author certainly seems to be familiar with the right-wing radio talking points.

Gus said...

At one time Gary Trudeau had the imagination to dictate, rather than regurgitate. For the last fifteen years all he's managed to do is diddle.

avk said...

Does that one cartoon have US soldiers hooting and hollering at a man with his shirt off? That's hardly a baseline conservative point of view.

Was I obtuse, or was the strip abstruse?

note: I owe my familiarity with the word abstruse to Dockerty.

avk said...

WOMEN soldiers! I get it.

cardinal23 said...

Obtuse it is.

w1ndst0rm said...

too many words

Gus said...

The guy's art style reminds me of Kyle Baker. This time in a good way.

avk said...

Obtuse like a FOX!!!!!

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