Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crunchy Roll

Gentlemen, we've struck the mother load -- a huge collection of anime, martial arts and television of the Asian persuasion. All subtitled and streaming for your viewing pleasure.

Some suggestions from their vast, vast library:
Bride With White Hair -- Easily one of the greatest martial arts movies ever made
Drunken Master II -- contains some of Jackie Chan's most brilliant fights
The Zatoichi Films -- the epic of the blind samurai swordsman - top notch
Densha Otoko -- A TV dramedy about a geek who saves a hot chick on the subway -- highly recommended
Taiko Drum Master -- claymation based on the rhythm action video game WTF?!?
TMNT OVA -- an anime version of the Ninja Turtles with bizarre Power Ranger-style transformations
Lupin III -- this is Japan's answer to James Bond. Miyazaki's first film was a Lupin picture.
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin -- that nutty wolf anime that Andy was into as a kid
Legend of the Galactic Heroes -- Epic, epic space opera -- comes highly recommended by the nerdiest of nerds.

Watch 'em while the watching is good. Sites this awesome don't last that long.

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