Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Okay there is coverage and there is coverage. I new that this was going to get a lot of medua play, but this struck me as funny


How many SCOTUS cases does Al Jazeera cover?

I am also a little peeved at NPR for poor/false reporting again. Day to Day Nina Totenberg, you need to pay more attention and stop daydreaming.

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=88483001 no transcript yet, but the 5:09 long radio segment, time 4:55 she states, refering to Justice Kennedy
"in fact I counted at least 2 refrences to his apparently enourmous fear of grizzley bears"

Humm, that piqued my interest, so I grabbed the transcript
Now, it is a bit of a trick and a lot of humor in attempting to sort through an argument regarding "keep and bear arms" looking for refrences to bears, i.e. Ursus Actorus. I searched for Grizz and only found:

JUSTICE KENNEDY: It had nothing to do with the concern of the remote settler to defend himself and his family against hostile Indian tribes and outlaws, wolves and bears and grizzlies and things like that?

The only other mention of grizzlies was in the index refering to this statement. So then just in case I searched for bears, nope, nothing, and then of course 'bear' and still nothing,

I don't see how Nina got two refrences, nor how this at all relates to a personal fear of grizzlies.

What kind of reporting is that NPR?


cardinal23 said...

Goddamn liberal media with their bullshit again. Blowing Justice Kennedy's grizzly issues all out of proportion just like with global warming.

Gus said...

Who watches the watchmen?

w1ndst0rm said...

Hopefully a very well informed and very lightly armed populace.

andrew said...

NPR and any news media has a responsibility to not pull stuff out of their ass, wait, that is the other kind of bare.

avk said...

Clearly, NPR is the grossest shirker of that responsibility.

cardinal23 said...

Having listened to more of the oral arguments over the lunch hour, I believe I can now lay this contentious issue to rest. While it is true that Justice Kennedy does not again specifically mention "bears and grizzlies" as he does early in the questioning, he does return to the idea of protection in the wilderness. I think it is reasonable to assume that what he thinks he needs protection from is the aforementioned animals, and that this is what Nina Totenberg was referring to.

Qhorin said...

I heard a large part of the 1 1/2 argument today on NPR. I'm loving the idea of spending days of time trying to determine the meaning of vague statements from a time 200+ years ago that has no bearing on our lives today.

Wolf said...

Found a good site for archived Supreme Court audio.


Wolf said...

And here's the oral argument in question, with a really sweet interface that syncs the audio up with a written transcript.


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