Monday, December 6, 2010

Andy Movies

A few months ago Gus posted a trailer for "The Way Back" and tagged it as an 'Andy Movie'

He was right.

It will also probably come as no surprise that I am looking forward to the remake of True Grit. (I am also crossing my fingers)

However, these other movies are on my short list of upcoming films to check out, and most of them probably wouldn't make Gus's version of an Andy List.

The Illusionist

I could watch that style of animation all day. The soundtrack draws me in. The storyline attracts my whimsical side.

Get Low

Apparently it has had very limited release already. Most likely this is one will show up for a week at the uptown and then be gone and I'll end up seeing it online. I am a big Robert Duvall fan. I like the character's answer of 'I am.'

Four Lions

The trailer makes me smile.

The Debt

Okay, this one may not be all that big of a shocker to see on an Andy List. I think highly of Helen Mirren as an actress. (Although I sometimes question her rolls. I guess sometimes she just has to pay the bills. At least I HOPE that is why she was in Teaching Mrs Tingle and National Treasure 2)


Restless again appeals to my whimsical side. I like the ghost.

The Tempest

I always enjoy when we see Shakespeare's work on the big screen....with the real duologue. I also will repeat my like of Helen Mirren.


Gus said...

I've heard VERY good things about Four Lions.

w1ndst0rm said...

Robert Duvall is also in the original True Grit. (i know this because I watched it at work this morning)

w1ndst0rm said...

One more thing: I would welcome Andy Movies as a regular or permanent feature.

Gus said...

Also: Get Low is quite good. I will be buying the DVD for my mom for Christmas -- if that says anything to you about the kind of movie it is. Still, it was delightful. (Apologies to AVK)

avk said...

I claim no trademark to the word "delightful."

Even if I did, I would only expect an apology if you used it ironically which would, because I only use it sincerely, dilute my brand. I don't get the sense that you are, here.

I will leave it to the individual reader to determine whether or not I use the phrase "dilute my brand" ironically here or elsewhere.

avk said...

Also- I endorse the idea of the "Andy Movies" feature. Quarterly, perhaps?

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