Wednesday, December 15, 2010

psst...buddy can you spare $300 for a light sabre?

wicked lasers has a new product, the S3 Arctic. it is a 455 nm, 1 watt laser.

yeah, so what you say? 1 watt? what's the big deal?

your typical red HeNe cat toy laser is 5 milliwatts. this one is 1000 milliwatts.

here is what 1000 milliwatts will do:

as a pointer, it will melt the projector screen during your power point presentations. it will burn your carpet when you play with your cat. it will burn your cat. it will pop ballons at 10 meters. it will pop your eyeballs at 149 meters. (well, not really. it will only blind you with a 0.25 sec exposure at less than 149 meters.)

and they sell these on the internet. to anyone. for $300.

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