Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Throwin' This Out There

The Rosebuds

"To the seventeenth-century poet Robert Herrick, rosebuds were a symbol of the fleeting pleasures of youth. Orson Welles made “Rosebud” the dying word of Charles Foster Kane, again a symbol of the tenacity of youthful memory. Kelly and Ivan - The Rosebuds - make music that embodies that certain spirit—youthful, but complex. Not at all fairytale, but magical. Not realistic, but real. Perhaps the way youth actually is. The Rosebuds defy categorization with each new release, like creatures in a myth shifting shape to avoid capture; slippery catfish in a North Carolina river. Mention The Smiths and Ivan will turn his Morrissey croon into a gruff Greg Dulli growl or splash it against some reverb-laden surf guitar. Call them Southern Gothic and they’ll release a dance record. They do not spend time categorizing themselves, each record is simply evidence of new curiosity." -from here. (links added)

They are coming to The Whole at Coffman Union on April 10th. Ten dollars at the door. I kinda want to go to see just how old I am getting.

They have more songs on their myspace. I recommend 'Nice Fox'. I think Gus might like the sound of 'Can't Believe It's Life Like'.

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