Wednesday, March 4, 2009

D&D Character Builder Is Up

The rest of my work day is full and ruined at the same time. The Beta is over and the long ago promised tools are finally here. (I don't know the exact day it happened; I do have some sort of a life you know.)
So, DOCK!, when will our group be back up. My Warlord is eager to train jerk-of-a-Mayor's son on some more Kobolds.


cardinal23 said...

.NET? WOTC, are you fucking kidding me? You want me to boot into Windows to run your six-months-late, subscription-based character builder? It should be free with the PHB and on the web so I'm not tied to any one machine, to say nothing of one OS. Someone should inform Hasbro's IT department that it's the goddamn 21st century now, and we expect better than this.

w1ndst0rm said...

All true - so that is probably a no go on our campaign?

cardinal23 said...

We can talk about it if you are excited to play again. I'm just so mad that WOTC could be doing great things with D&D and they continue to fail.

avk said...

My next character is a Dwarven Paladin, so plan accordingly. Be forewarned, Hose: he isn't going to tolerate chaotic or evil behavior.

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