Monday, May 5, 2008

Next Gen Bunnies

While you are all corrupting yourselves with GTA IV my family is welcoming the eighth generarion of the bunny family. They have about two sets a summer so I am just counting years.

Welcome the brave one of the bunch. (and put from my mind that I will find the runt soon ... dead)


Gus said...

Adorable! We've been noticing a guy we call "Backyard Bunny" he likes to hang out under one of the picnic tables. I'll try to get a picture of him.

Alexis suggested that Backyard Bunny might run a little cafe out of that in delicious sauce to the huge, fat Raccoon we saw rummaging through the dumpster the other afternoon.

avk said...

Sewer Racoons: Evil overlords of the night. Well-fed and unafraid.

Qhorin said...

Ubisoft has changed the way I view the species. They all look like this to me now:

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