Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a day for saying thanks to those veterans who never made it back, so today I figure is a good day for those still out in the thick of it. This "photo essay" made it onto Fox news but with very little explination. I found out about it backwards, when someone with knowledge of the event was explaining before I had even seen the photos.
May 18, 2008: U.S. Marine Sgt. William O. Bee from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in a firefight with the Taliban near Garmser in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The Marine was uninjured in the exchange.

You don't see many USMC fighting in just T-shirts. The deal was this kid and a bunch of others were lying in bed with injuries at a US Naval Aid Station, when the Taliban attacked. The doc turned to order the kids to stay in bed, but they were already all gone...along with a few of the Navy Nurses. They grabbed up what arms they could (very limited arms and ammo) and repelled the attack. The Marine pictured here was in aid station for having broke multiple ribs just days before. The source of this info adds

"All of the Marines involved are fine, and all have been put in for commendation.

All of the Taliban won the "hole in the ground" award."

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Anonymous said...

sir what you have said that happened was not true! i think you need to actually get your story straight! he did not have any injuries.

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