Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bob Uecker at the Furry Convention

I've taken to listening to Brewers games on the way home so I heard this live last year. I didn't mention it at the time because I couldn't do it justice. Here it is in all it's glory: Bob Uecker describing the furry convention at his hotel in Pittsburgh in between pitches.

Uecker Furry

EDIT: Here's another picture! -g


w1ndst0rm said...

You did a good thing, Q.

w1ndst0rm said...


help me! I am in tears ...

boom boom
road kill

he says furriers!!!!

Gus said...

Oh, God. This may be the funniest thing I've ever heard!

w1ndst0rm said...

here is day two:

his sly inuendo is amazing


Iron Head Rat said...

I know this is super old, but I still enjoy listening to it now and then. At first he's kind of intrigued and can't stop talking about the furriers, the next day after spending some time with them, his attitude changes a little. Hilarious throughout.

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