Thursday, January 31, 2008

Down To Two

I know this is a pretty jaded crew, especially as regards the two-party system here in the US. But if you're taking a Democratic ballot and haven't decided yet for whom you're voting in your primary/caucus, check out the CNN Democratic debate from earlier tonight. It was the most reasoned, civil, substantive discourse on the real issues facing the country that we've seen this cycle.

Granted, it was an intramural lovefest, not a debate between people with fundamental differences, but it finally made me feel that I would be comfortable with either of these two as President, my reservations on issues of pragmatism, experience, personality, dynasty, and Bill notwithstanding.

Here's the transcript.

And finally, neither of them, when asked directly, would rule out the Dream Ticket option. Could it happen?

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Qhorin said...

My only dreams of Hillary involve a lot of mushrooms, rickrolls, and communists.

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