Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You will all buy this game.

Even the PSP if necessary.
You will all buy this game, even the PSP if necessary and play it with me for hours and . . . months and . . . for years and years. Decades even.
I don't even know what is being said in this pic:

It is probably something like, "Man, this is the coolest game ever. I can't wait for Tim to buy us!"

Why, why is this game not yet in my hands?

"Hey, you! Give Tim here Final Fantsy Tactics: The Lion War for the PSP now or I will beat you silly with this golden orb of pain. The pain of waiting for this game to be in his PSP!"


avk said...

Um, Tim? That's just an exact port of FFT for the PSOne. I've played it a billion times. Seriously. The only game I've played more times is FF1. If we include PC games, then Fallout is in there.

w1ndst0rm said...

And your point is?!

I can't bring my original every where I go.

And it is not exact. There are extras.

w1ndst0rm said...

And I just went out to my garage and your car is 'mysteriously' not there any more.

avk said...

You CAN bring your original with you everywhere you go, you just lack the wherewithal and the elbow-grease.

And you're a cold, cruel man.

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