Monday, April 2, 2007

Alan Moore on Pornography

The magazine Arthur has graciously made Alan Moore's sprawling essay "Bog Venus Versus Nazi Cock-Ring: Some Thoughts Concerning Pornography" available to web readers. The piece tracks the existence and import of smut from 25,000 years ago to today and does it with the kind of scope and view that only Moore can pull off.

It also, I'm assuming, congeals part of the comic book writer's train of thought in publishing the porn tome Lost Girls.

The story a long read, but an enriching one. Hopefully the magazine will soon post the massive, doors-of-perception-opening interview with Moore they published in issue four.

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avk said...

I recently bought a 2 disc Scott Walker compilation if anyone's interested in hearing "Jackie" or some other translations of Jaques Briel's unashamedly honest songs and lyrics (unfortunately "Amsterdam" is conspicuosly absent).

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