Sunday, April 1, 2007

Burning Empires

Burning Empires RPG: Starting June 7th. Ask AvK or Gus for the rulebook after they have looked it over.

Get excited.

Some good links for the game:

Main Page
Wiki (with Character Sheet, and other downloads)
Review of the game


andrew said...

that guy's shoulderpads make him look very '40k space marine'

Gus said...

I was thinking of making the same post. I'm about 50 pages or so into the rule book. Pretty cool venue.

avk said...

It's so good; you might have to knock me out and pry the book from my grip.

avk said...

Seriously. If someone told me how good I would think this is, I would surely have been unable to believe them.

And I'm so optimistic I think it'll pan out.

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