Sunday, April 1, 2007

Aaron's new do

It is rare that I am jealous of another man. Especially when it comes to hair. I obviously had to get over that too long of a time ago. The man looks like what Wolverine should have looked like in the X-Men movies.


avk said...

Yeah. Hugh Jackman was clearly in way too good of shape to portray Wolverine.

Qhorin said...

My hero as a kid was Eastwood. When I saw Jackman in X-Men I, it was like Clint in High Plains Drifter reborn. I will not stand for any Hugh bashing.

avk said...

It's interesting that you consider putting me in the vicinity of Hugh Jackman to be "bashing" him. Well, I guess I'll take your contempt relative to Jackman. At least I rate your consideration.

But seriously, I like beer-gut Wolverine. The guy heals. No ammount of regenerative ability is going to lower his cholesterol. He still has the heart attacks, but his cardiac muscle recovers.

Sure, I suppose lugging that skeleton around burns some calories, but when he isn't chugging beer (and no one can claim that Wolverine drinks light beer), he's sipping on a conspicuosly placed Dr. Pepper. We're talking 6 or 7,000 calories a day in carbonated beverages alone.

Take a look at the portrayal of Logan in the _Meltdown_ mini-series (Gus? Year and artist? I could use the internet but I want you to have the opportunity to show off). He's all paunchy and surly. And pretty much at the apex of his awesomeness. See also: _What If: Conan Met Wolverine?_.

Qhorin said...

Let me clarify. I have no problem putting you in the vicinity of Jackman. I'm sure you're nearly as good as he is at Space Hulk and Yodelling.

My issue is with your statement that he was in too good of shape to play Wolverine. He's such a great actor that he can play a gluttonous hedon without changing his body structure. Your fault is in not paying enough attention to the fact that he played a superb glutton with his facial expressions.

avk said...

I suppose you're one of those people who thinks Rudy Giuliani (sp?) is a hero for doing the bare minimum required by his job as well?

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