Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pac Man Vs. Redux

One of my favorite gameplay ideas from the recently passed Gamecube era was Pac Man Vs. One guy would play Pac Man on his Gameboy, while the other three players would play ghosts, using Wavebirds and a limited view of the maze on the television. It is one of the few examples of asymmetric multiplayer in video games, and was great fun, if a little annoying to set up. The new one will be all DS, which promises a much smoother route, and it's even going to be one cart multiplayer. I look forward to trying this out with my DS owning friends.



Gus said...

I'm glad they're giving this game a second chance. It's easily the best application of Nintendo's pre-Wii "Connectivity" push.

w1ndst0rm said...

Ok, I call pinky.

avk said...

I remember playing this at the cabin one year. It rocked. I'm in for sure.

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