Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Proof of Nerd Status

I think that is a really awesome table. I love how it has the number of electrons per orbital.

I love how you can grab the temperature bar-slider and watch as the elements all freeze, melt, boil, etc.

Properties at your fingertips? CHECK! Orbitals Orbitals Orbitals!

Ooo....switch to the Isotope tab and watch em step-stairs out!

Ptable, I love you.

Oh My God! The first box with the drop-down, which defaults to wikipedia, of course links to to wikipedia, and some other pedia, but also picture option to show you a snapshot, and video to get a 30-90 second presentation on the element, INCLUDING GREY POOFY HAIRED PROFESSOR!


w1ndst0rm said...

Geez Andy, you could just ask Aaron out in person or via email. He doesn't care for the public stuff.

(trust me)

andrew said...

it does make me a little sad in side that avk hasn't yet commented...

you got me pegged.

rob said...

ah, cool. i likes it.

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