Sunday, February 21, 2010

Imogen Cunningham

A compatriot of Ansel Adams (and the photographer of most portraits displayed of him) Imogen Cunningham never sees a fraction of the limelight she deserves. She relies heavily on black and white, but the occasional color photos sprinkle her portfolio.

Her capturing of shadow, especially as it relates to the human face is, well, beyond words, so good thing she uses a camera.

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w1ndst0rm said...

Sometimes black and white can be a beginners crutch - or mine. She, however, is the boss battle of black and whites. Hit her page and scroll down.

Also note that her work is pre- the liberating glory (some would cry heresy) that is Photo Shop and free photo-manip programs.

Darkrooms, chemicals, timers, double exposures... Waiting for the right light and then rushing through its constant movement...

Looks like she was never afraid of the 'naked' truth of things but would also be subtle if only just a little bit.,%201920s_jpg.htm

I can see the glint in her eye and grin on her face over that one.

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