Saturday, February 6, 2010

Amazing Horse (not the raisin flavored type)

I Hope the video shows, if not check out

I wish I had a horse that could slide under trucks. The really bad part is after seeing this I watched the video on the FFXIII website and thought 'wow, a lot of this silliness is like the Bollywood video I just saw'

Clearly, more video-games need to have the hero riding a horse through a shopping mall while cars explode and jeeps try and jump on him

Note: Not knocking silliness.

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w1ndst0rm said...

Andy, this is your best post ever! It wasn't silly it was awesome. It just kept getting better and better AND 'worser' and 'worser'. A motorcycle chase scene on horseback was kind of novel. What is with all of the windows in doorways? It doesn't matter - that's awesome! Jeeps that can jump on their own were cool to watch. Yeah, I know that can't happen. And then at the end with all those explosions!

I laughed so hard I had tears.

And yes, I do like FFXIII.

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