Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tiernan Dinged Four Today

Azeroth is saved!

If you see a NE Warrior named Teeman running around lend a hand and please refrain from naughty chat. Mail him some money or gear so he can see how that part of the game works. He is on our RP server and is larping a mute as far as he knows. I am also doing right by teaching him HotKeys and not mousing. It still hasn't 'clicked' in his brain that he is now in a 3D world. He is used to side view flash games. I can't wait to see the new brain connections form and him get his in game bearings.

A proud day for papa and a great day for son. After his one hour session he said, "This is fun."

He then donned his IRL armor and is now out chasing squirrels with a wooden battle axe (5-9 damage 2.20) and plastic sword (1-3 damage 1.9).

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Gus said...

Let's get this kid a guild invite.

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