Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ding! (The Bad Kind)

Looks like Netflix is dinging Blu-Ray early adopters for an extra buck a month. Sucks when the ratio in your queue is 50 DVDs for every one Blu-ray.


avk said...

I consider it a luxury to be able to complain about the little things.

Thinking back to when movie distributors increased editorial demands when Blockbuster stopped stocking unrated, NC-17 and even some "hard"-R titles, it's great to be able to criticize Netflix for asking blu-ray users to (probably more than) cover the added cost of double-stocking titles available in two formats to the tune of twelve bucks a year.

Gus said...

I consider nearly everything we talk about in this blog a luxury.

avk said...

Excellent point.

I just wanted to get a few positive words about Netflix down because I really believe they have a good service at a great price and (in my memory at least) we've only been down on them for the bad.

Gus said...

Totally. I love Netflix. I just want to keep loving them.

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