Friday, October 10, 2008

Am I being detained?

Look, I am all for securing our borders, but Law Enforcement needs a reason to stop you. Simply mass-checking people on the road inside the US but NEAR a border is not acceptable.

You need to have some reason to suspect the people are in the vehicle are breaking the law. Simply having dark skin or a high burrito diet is not sufficient.

Still, I wonder the skin color of the videographer. I certainly didn't detect a Spanish accent. I wonder how much longer someone with a Spanish accent would have had to continue that banter before being either let go or illegally yanked from the cab and beaten.

I note how she says "I am required to ask you" not "You are required to tell me"

You got to have a pair of balls to pull that one off, and I am sure a camera helped.


cardinal23 said...

That was great drama.

Gus said...

The action was all in the agent's head -- the gears turning until she realized, "hey, this guy knows his rights better than I do."

Qhorin said...

You've got to feel for the woman - looking for an excuse to get out of the situation without losing her job.

andrew said...

LEOs have a hell of a powerful union. Basically they can't be fired unless the just stop showing up to work or are convicted of a serious crime.

I guess they could send her to some far flung border post as a way of unofficially punishing her, but then if you are staffing the highway that doesn't even cross the border 50 miles inland from the real border with instructions to 'catch anyone who looks like a mexican' you aren't on the fast track for advancement and probably don't have anywhere worse to go.

Wolf said...

That was cringe-inducing. It was like watching a Ben Stiller movie.

w1ndst0rm said...

I don't like how the driver videotaped himself masturbating and then put it on the internet.

Gus said...

Apparently Tim's a bottom when it comes to personal freedom.

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