Monday, September 22, 2008

You're Safe for One More Week

Because next week Cartoon Network's [Adult Swim] starts airing episodes of "Superjail." I won't speak to what it might do to you, but it blows my mind and rocks my ass simultaneously.

I find the animation reminiscent of the work of Sally Cruikshank (notably "Face Like a Frog") in the interplay of reality and surreality, though Cruikshank's work tends towards the whimsical if somewhat insidious, whereas "Superjail" plunges directly into the downright brutal.

Become initiated by watching the pilot. (Probably best not to do this at work. Tim, wait until the kids are in bed. Or possibly wait until they've moved out entirely)

"Superjail" is painstakingly and lovingly brought to us by Augenblick Studios, who are responsible for any number of other awesome things (see their site, linked above, for proof). Explore Superjail's pedigree in the press release.

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Gus said...

This is good news. I loved the Superjail pilot.

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