Sunday, October 18, 2009

If You See One Opera This Year

The Metropolitan Opera is running its "Live in HD" series this year, where they beam performances to movie theaters so we can get some culture out in the sticks. As much as I love the Minnesota Opera and all the great stuff they do, if you only see one this year it's got to be the Met's Les Contes d'Hoffman (the Tales of Hoffman). This recommendation is partly because Hoffman is my favorite opera by a long shot, and partly because the design of the production is based on the work of Franz Kafka. The mere thought of this synthesis makes me want to lie down with a damp cloth over my eyes. It also makes me want to see it. A lot.

For those of you with wives who are interested in dancing, Hoffman has more of it than any opera I can think of. The one warning I would give you is that Hoffman is written in an older style- that is, it has a really long overture and a tedious (by my modern sensibilities) prologue, but once you're past them the rest of it is absolutely riveting.

The live date is December 19, and the encore date is January 6. Ticket prices probably vary by location, but tickets at Block E are around $20 with discounts for students, seniors and kids.

Link to tickets

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