Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LEGO knows what they're doing.

Dock and AVK, I don't know if your boys are into LEGO's still or at all or yet but the world of LEGO has become, is still(?), a well produced entry into geekdom. It even reinforces my adult geekdom. (Sorry Wolf, 'Bionicle' is not the title of a story about promiscuous eyewear.) All of their products are tied into each other and there was even a cartoon but that failed. And who could forget LEGO Star Wars or Indy or Batman. Anyway, when you buy any LEGO figure or set you are encouraged to visit their site. There you will find all kinds of entry level video games. [This one is not bad at all. Link forthcoming, I have to ask Tiernan where it is.] And now a basic table-top collectable "minis" game. The gem of the game is the movement mechanic.

Between Tiernan and Keegan we may have the whole set.


cardinal23 said...

Ben is getting into Legos, although he's still a bit young for the really cool stuff.

BTW, I edited your post to remove the hotlinked image and replaced it with a local copy.

Hose Juan said...

I'm just waiting for the day I can buy Graydon the Lego Mindstorms set so I can play with it.

avk said...



Everyone in the group could learn something from the Brikwars rules.

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