Friday, February 6, 2009

EVE Online - without the boring parts.

Just a link to a well written blog about one pilots time in EVE online. Especially this entry. Ok, maybe it is more like fan-fiction but this is good fan-fiction. (Gus, no gratuitous fan-service.) You don't even have to start at the beginning. Just jump in and start reading. No previous play experience is necessary.


avk said...

The post that contains a list of Brad Pitt movie titles worked into the text is flipping hilarious.

w1ndst0rm said...

Or this:

"Due to being firmly distracted by this meat-market manhandler who would not be out of place starring in a cheek-clenchingly camp lead role in "Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert", it took me a moment to notice the cunning and inadvertant double-entendre:

Astronomy: Astro Nommy

So there I found myself, perilously close to the meaty chafing leather chaps of a man who, not entirely unlike an equestrian spy, frequently enjoyed sliding into the other team's camp and asking for a brisk leg-up. In fact, I was once again in the presence of this burly gentleman who regularly snoozed after his alarm went off, and often found himself late for work, thus leaving him feeling a little behind..."


Gus said...

Following? Did you, by chance, have Dock's place bugged last night?

w1ndst0rm said...

Last night? I've had Dock's place bugged for years.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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