Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steampunk Culture

I understand better than any of you that my introverted being-ness disqualifies me from ever partaking. However it has everything a dork like me appreciates - I mean very much wants to appreciate. And these things can flow in to each other .

We have DIY science and tech projects that can then, in some cases, be used for cosplay.

Ah yes. Cosplay.

And From here it is but a short stroll to some indie music. For example:

I know guys, I know, I am a dork that can't even commit to being a dork.

And Saturday is my day to do the dishes and vaccum the living room and make sure the children are bathed ... all the while listening to commerical radio.

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andrew said...

Xavier had that up and I was looking at it. It seems to me that it is a lot more complicated than necessary (example: fashion wise, you'd not need to 'convert' the buttons to push-by-proxt) and a large part of the unit's coolness is related to the swinging lamp arms being used.

Hence, the key is not necessarily being a skilled craftsman (although that will help) but having a keen eye and looking beyond an existing tool's current function.

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