Friday, January 30, 2009

Speaking of MMOG's

Last night we again engaged in our pretty regularly continuing WoW nerf vs. balancing discussion. This morning Dave forwarded me this. (follow the link to give them the hits they deserve) Here is a teaser:

US Democracy Server: Patch Day
Version 44.0
Leadership: Will now scale properly to national crises. Intelligence was not being properly applied.
A bug has been fixed that allowed the President to ignore the effects of debuffs applied by the Legislative classes.
Drain Treasury: There appears to be a bug that allowed loot to be transferred from the treasury to anyone on the President’s friends list, or in the President’s party. We are investigating.
Messages to and from the President will now be correctly saved to the chat log.
Messages originating from the President were being misclassified as originating from The American People.
A rendering error that frequently caused the President to appear wrapped in the American Flag texture has been addressed.

There is so much more.
This transition just keeps on giving.

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