Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Movie Posters Resurgent

We're coming out of a dark period for movie posters, when promo art for new pictures almost always consisted of a bunch of celebrity faces photoshopped into a crappy pastiche. Then there was the period where all comedy posters featured the stars against a white background with red letters. There's still some awful (and frequently hilarious) crap hanging in the hallways of your local cineplex, but a handful of Hollywood art directors are getting a serious bug up their ass. And there's at least one or two execs cool enough to sign off on their work.


avk said...

My wife and I recently saw a movie at Block E, and I thought up a great movie premise (so you have to pitch this for me when you move back to LA):

A movie theater manager goes insane and takes to kidnapping nubile, young women and placing them in his maze of horrors, which he has constructed out of standing cardboard promotional displays.

Gus said...

That is my worst fucking nightmare. STANDEE...This Halloween You'll Believe That Cardboard Can Kill.

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