Thursday, August 28, 2008

America Needs a President for Barney Smith not Smith Barney!

I'm voting for Barney Smith.

Are you all watching the run-up to Obama's speech? (I'm supposed to be packing.) If you aren't you missed a suprising speech from Mr. average American, Barney Smith. When he took the podium I actually flinched. Yes, I judged a book by it's cover. There were so many assumptions to be made based on life experience that one of them had to be correct. But not at all. I was wrong; forgive me Barney Smith. It wasn't the best oration ever by any means but he did it and he meant it. It was a great explaination point to the delegate part of the evenings speeches. It is to soon to be on the net anywhere but this guy could be meme gold. The sound byte of the orchestration is as follows:

"America needs a President for Barney Smith! Not Smith Barney!"

Barney! Barney! Barney! Barney! ...


Saltwater said...

Thanks! You are one of the first five Google hits for "Barney smith not smith Barney". I totally agree. Look up the newspater story at

Bo Nash said... is already up and running!

Qhorin said...

Yes! Give me interested sophistry and protectionism! Give me back guaranteed employment, higher prices, and lower quality goods! Bring back all those auto manufacturing jobs from Japan and Mexico! Oh, and I also want a pony.

Please let me know when the Fear Mongering and Mass Hysteria Convention is over. Maybe I'll then tune in for the Gay Bashing and Anti-Science Convention.

Wolf said...

The blush is off Obama: he's shown himself to be pragmatic and willing to say some things to get elected don't make my lefty heart happy.

That being said, he's clearly the most inspirational political candidate the country has seen in decades. He is to this generation what Clinton was to the Boomers, without the glaring character flaws. He makes me want to be a better human being. I find this compelling.

avk said...

You're right Waters! We should de-regulate until every company is like Enron and every financial market is like sub-prime housing!

I saw what you did there and did it too.

cardinal23 said...

You mean the Fear Mongering and Mass Hysteria Convention isn't the one in St. Paul? Is all the terrorist talk supposed to give me warm fuzzies?

ninaandtom said...

Hey we love Barney too.
So much that we are making this shirt.
Check it out.


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