Monday, July 14, 2008

The Perils of the Game Reviewer

Danc from Lost Garden has written an interesting article about reviewing video games.  He has some worthwhile insight into how the enjoyment people get from playing changes as they play more games.  I think that it is applicable to boardgames as well.


andrew said...

I see one area where this is applicable to movies, cliché sensitivity.

I remember an English lit teacher spouting off about this, how no movie ever had an original ending. He was sick of the good guy kissing the woman then riding off into the sunset. He would say something along the lines of 'he should kiss the horse then ride off, at least that would be original!'

But not all of us have seen as many movies or read as many books as the English lit prof. So what if a thousand other authors used it, it might be YOUR first time confronting that particular ending.

I think a good example of this is the resurgence of horror movies every few years. I don't mean torture porn, or horror movie spoofs (those are all reactions) but your generic horror film random Th graders want to go see. They fall for the whole 'dangle a tidbit so everyone is a suspect', and their tensions are heightened by all the 'false starts' where something scary could have happened, but didn't.

We just yawn.

And afterward we will each recite the story about the first time we each saw a truly scary movie, and how this one was just to predicable and formulaic

Gus said...

Your English teacher had a point. There are an infinite number of ways to end a story. If you're going to use a cliche you'd better do it in a really interesting way.

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