Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another reason I love the Internet

My music modus operandi is a little different than most people's. I like listening to my music collection on random, discovering and re-discovering songs I haven't heard or haven't heard in forever. I just recently ripped my entire collection (a week long undertaking that resulted in a final count of over 23,000 songs and 176 gigabytes of music all backed up across two drives).

Just now the song "Be Happy" by mansbestfriend popped up in iTunes. Among the noise in the early part of the track I recognized a bit of mournful wailing from my youth, when most of the music I adored was played on Dr. Demento. I couldn't recall the name or source of the song so I Googled the lyric "and there I stood with an arrow in my back" to learn that the song was "Mr. Custer" by Larry Verne. I'd heard the songs millions of times listening to the old K-Tel records compilation Goofy Gold. The same label is selling the song on Amazon via their compilation Dumb Ditties. Instant access to the track was totally worth the .89$

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