Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Akira Kurosawa

When Mike was in town he mentioned that he'd finally seen The Seven Samurai. I promised that I'd turn him on to some other awesome samurai flicks. Thematically The Hidden Fortress might be the closest, but I'd probably rent Yojimbo and Sanjuro first. These are the flicks that inspired Sergio Leone's three Man With No Name movies, particularly A Fist Full of Dollars, which is a straight-up remake of Yojimbo. I also mentioned Throne of Blood, which is a samurai retelling of MacBeth -- total Shakespeare emo, but very awesome.

In our conversation I also mentioned that four of Kurosawa's early films had fallen into the public domain. Rashomon, Stray Dog, Sugata Sanshiro and Ikuru can all be streamed from the site. I recommend nabbing the higher quality divx files and streaming them to your Xbox 360 from your PC.


Qhorin said...

Beautiful - I'll check out the public domain this weekend. Is it as simple as googling for the divx bit torrent?

Gus said...

Nah. Look to the left side of the page for the download options. The divx file is right there.

Gus said...

Also: Mike, be warned that these flicks will be different tonally from Seven Samurai. Several are set in modern day.

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