Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Does It For Me


w1ndst0rm said...

Alright, the faces are pretty slick. Am I right, gentlemen?

avk said...

I'll probably get myself a PS3 for my birthday in anticipation of this title. All last year I was wistfully reading press about Red Dead Redemption, sighing, and thinking "that looks pretty cool." In the end, I never really felt that bad about letting it pass me up.

The investigation element of this game is going to be more than I can pass up. As Tim says, "day one."

Gus said...

You should feel bad about passing up Red Dead Redemption, Aaron. It is easily one of my favorite games of last year and it has, HANDS DOWN, the best ending in the history of videogames.

When you fork over the dough for LA Noire grab a copy of RDR. You won't be sorry.

rob said...

ugh. Gus. Now I gotta go and finish Red Dead! I have to see the ending!

The only games I finish are the ones that take about 20 hours, plus or minus. (halo, modern warfare, bioshock, portal)

Anything longer, and i tend to get bored, even though the games are awesome. (fallout, GTA, Red Dead Redemption)

there is some undefineable line for me between when playing a game loses it's gaminess and becomes a chore.

avk said...

Don't worry, Gus. I will.

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