Thursday, February 3, 2011


On Monday NPR teased a story involving Final Fantasy but I had to go to class before it aired. The audio is here. A few excerpts:

"Final Fantasy XIII is set on the floating planet of Cocoon. The main character is Lightning, a pink-haired, sword-wielding young woman out to save her sister who is in danger of losing her soul forever. Beyond that, the plot is too intricate to even begin to explain."

LOL, Intricate.

""It's so cool and seductive, the idea that there is this cryptic, mysterious, confusing thing," says Lantz. "You know that there's something going on there, and you don't know what it is, but if you make the effort you can unlock the secret.""

LOL, No there isn't. No you can't.

""I personally liked that my mom didn't understand what buttons to press, and how she couldn't play the games," he explains. "It was something that I enjoyed that other people couldn't.""

LOL, Nerd with Mommy issues.
LOL, press the 'X' button.

Too soon?


Gus said...

U mad?

rob said...

lol. he's mad.

mad crazy, not mad angry.

bwaaaa haha

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