Monday, July 19, 2010

Because Banking is So Very Very Slow

No really. My job has never been so uneventful. I spend my days trying to occupy my brain with something to at least sustain my sanity. I consume photographer blogs so voraciously that when actual work happens to intrude it feels like death. A little. I assume.

AVK would tell you that 'lack of work' is just a cover. He would also go on and share that I want to get my sex changed to match that little girl inside of me and run off to be a fashion photographer in Paris. Lonely and anxious. But so alive!

Um, anyway, I should have a ready retort for that but I fear I "doth protest too much" already. So the, eventual, point of this post is a picture I came across. I was looking around here via some hyper link from somewhere. I can't remember. It is kind of a blur. She is a fashion photographer, for Vogue Paris or something, that takes pictures of pretty things wearing pretty things. (Or some other set of demeaning words that aren't meant that way.) But the trick is that these are candid shots. Really good candid shots. Not over done and over produced portraits or ads. Some would say taking pictures of beautiful ladies is cheating a little when it comes to photography but these are honest to goodness interesting shots that stand on their own as examples of great photography that I can learn from.

I swear she must live in a magical place where only pretty people can move in. Which brings us to the feared(?), inevitable(?) side of that world. And I think the point of the post as well but I can't remember anymore. With the losing of my mind and all.

I followed a link from her blog to another one and looked at this group of candids to see what I could learn from them. Needless to say all lessons learned were life's lessons.

Long ago I had hair like that for maybe about a week.


And I still have over an hour left to work. I mean to sit here.


avk said...

Having been spoken for, I would like to retroactively own the statements hypothetically attributed to me. From now on you may all refer to those statements as if I had made them directly.

Gus said...

Follow Terry Richardson. I like his stuff.

Qhorin said...

Your photos are already great, but I bet they get even better when you go all Tyler Durden on us.

avk said...

Well, when he goes all Tyra Durden on us, per my statements in the original post.

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