Friday, July 9, 2010

Activision deploys Hate Sink? - Real ID

(The blog has become my only avenue of communication to you guys while I'm at work. It is sub-par for stuff like this but I wanted to get this out before I stopped caring and moved on ... at about three this afternoon.)

I've shared my "Hate Sink Theory" with you before and I think Activision/Blizzard might be up to it right now with their Real ID maneuver. If you don't know what is going on read any game news site or ask Andy.

Anyway, I think they put this 'display real name on message boards' thing out there to distract us from something even worse - that they knew we wouldn't like. And by they I mean Activision; not Blizzard. Republicans and Democrats ... political types with something to sell and gain have done it. CCG's have done it. (cough, cough AGOT) So why would it be so hard to believe that Activision wouldn't? Especially since they are sleeping with good ol' FaceBook. Both companies being in a state of bumps and bruises in the press and public over services they are trying to lead us in to - I mean - over new ways for them to make money off of us.

/end cynicism

I do wonder what unforeseen or unknown surprise is lurking behind the dust clouds of the real name shit storm.


avk said...

I need a theory review.

I think at least half of the problem with Web2.0 is attributable to anonymity. If the internet is the new public square, why shouldn't we all use our real identities? In the old public square, people didn't show up wearing masks unless they were burning a cross.

rob said...

well, it looks like blizzard is gonna back down from the anonymity policy. just saw it on msnbc dot com.

subscriber money talks and bullshit policies walk!

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