Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tim Rogers on FFXIII

I'm not even done reading it, but I had to share. This guy makes me so fucking jealous. Damn is he a good writer. Maybe the best writing about games.

FFXIII Impressions [Kotaku]


w1ndst0rm said...

I'm not done reading it either.
All that personal stuff up front about him and his relatives medicine cabinets is not empathy inducing and in the way. Let me know if he ties it back in somehow and maybe I will forge ahead later.

Gus said...

He ties it really well. And I think I love the non-game stuff in there.

w1ndst0rm said...

My problem with the non-game stuff probably stems from the real Tim Rogers not lining up with the Tim Rogers in my head.

I'll have to work through that.

Gus said...

People keep trying to tell me about the real Tim Rogers, but all I need is the one that writes good game stuff.

rob said...

ugh. i gave up on the FF games about 5 years ago. (i think it was FFMDCCLVXXXIII--i lost count.) the game looked nice, but that was overcome by the mind numbing repetition of the fights and the fight mechanics.

the article was a fun read though.

w1ndst0rm said...

The list of people I am no longer talking to keeps on growing.

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