Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It is possible that I maybe could have sorta been mistaken about Borderlands.


avk said...

Umm... you didn't need to keep it heroically at arm's length because it doesn't suck you in?

Because that's my read of your original stance.

Gus said...

You better not be stepping out on me.

w1ndst0rm said...

There was nothing heroic about it.

Oh, we are on for tonight, Big Pappa. I'm the hottest little girl to Phase Walk since the Invid Regis back in the 80's - or do I say forward in the 2030's?

Anyway, I found my missing muse; full report after multi.

w1ndst0rm said...

Man this game is streamlined. In a good way. Like sex - without the foreplay or the part where you wait for your wife to catch up.

Unknown said...

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