Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers (RotF) getting their butts kicked.

Rotten Tomatoes 21% This means I will probably love it.

I read this review this morning and laughed here, "Or how Shia LaBeouf's "performance" has him spend half the film doing third-rate Danny Kaye tricks to depict mental freak-out and the other half running in slow motion yelling "Optimus!""

No no no no no!

Don't read the entire review if you don't want to know the ~suprise~ ending. *SPOILER* After all of his cheap talk about sacrafice disguised as unnecessary suicide in the first movie I wonder how they are going to do it. *END SPOILER*

I might take a long lunch and watch it today.

Why is he wearing a glove and why is she holding her boob?


w1ndst0rm said...


The Transformers are not a backdrop - a multi-million dollar backdrop - for dick jokes.

Ok, so one of them was hilarious.

Do you remember how im the first one you just sat through the talky parts to get to the next action part? This time around it is exactly the opposite. And none of the reasons are good ones.

KarriLee said...

Lisa said it was great.

Gus said...

I have too much self esteem to watch this one.

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