Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Peed Myself a Little Bit

If you can't be bothered to read the "News" page on Steam (and, who can blame us for being lax in our reading with all those plants in our Zen Gardens to tend to) you might have missed the Left 4 Dead 2 announcement. I know, I know! If the mere mention isn't enough to get you worked up, then you are unrepairably broken on the inside but can try to salve your dry, cracked and unused soul by watching the teaser trailer.


w1ndst0rm said...

I like all of the changes and additions they are bringing to the game ... even the racist and stereotypical ones.

avk said...

Why must you stab at everything that makes me happy?

I thought the tank's Bubba bibs were funny.

Wolf said...

and his baby arm.

I have to say, that trailer really works. They hit all the right notes.

andrew said...
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andrew said...

I believe it was hours after my first play of L4D when I stated I though the game should have introduced melee weapons, either pickups or each character starts with their own iconic one (Francis = tire-iron etc)

This is, after all, something that gets repeated in zombie movie after zombie movie. Also, I'd feel a lot better about the team bunching in a corner and all using melee attacks if they had bats, chainsaws, golf-clubs, katanas, and the like.

Gus of course gave that idea a thumbs down. :P

-Thumbs up on the chainsaw, a true classic. I'd have not thought of the frying pan myself, but now that I see it, what a great fit!

-adding the ability to dismember not just knock down the zombie compounds the sweetness of melee weaponry

-I like 4 new characters, but I'd LOVE to be able to mix and match with the original 4 for on-line play.

-holding judgment of 'daylight' zombie setting. I know the original was supposed to be set at night, but switched to fog simply because players could not see zombies far enough out. Clearly, L4D 3 needs to be set at night, in a large urban area, that is in the act of burning down around you to provide sufficient light. Different levels of burn for different light levels.

-Mac-10? Meh, too 1980s. Zip-ties holding the flashlight? LOL! Incendiary ammo? hoo humm...I put this in the same category as gasoline exploding when shot. (incidentally, incendiary ammo is what is needed to make gasoline explode when shot)

Gus said...

You'd be amazed at how deftly this thing is pulled off. There's not a moment when you're playing or watching the trailer that you ever thing -- this is kinda racist.

Anyway, played through the two levels twice at E3. Once with three friends (Ryan from Crispy, Russ and Matt Bertz from GI). I think the AI director was set to easy -- the game never got really hard. Lots of fun new additions to the game. I'm working on a story for Crispy so I don't want to blow my load here.

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