Friday, December 26, 2008

Not far enough Hose.

THAT will end all doubt.

Of course, the 'classic' even with less rubberbands, being that you fire by cranking you can keep the ROF to a reasonable limit and acutally get much more effect from it, plus you don't have to build it you can just order it. It looks really great too. Even when not being used, you'd be glad to have it around

gatling gun

for more routine warfare, a double spinner wheel is wonderful

hog leg

Of course, a bit of wood cut to shape and the $3.00 parts and you can make your own. Heck 10 of those for $20, some dowels, I bet you'd be able to create your own functional gatling gun, even if not quite as fancy as the other two.


Gus said...

The manual loading seems like the only drawback here.

avk said...

The results of the intersection of nerddom and carpentry are always frightening.
(see also: Jesus)

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