Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh Bat Outta Hell no

I just saw a commercial where the great and wonderful MEATLOAF was schilling Go Phones from AT&T with his whole family ... to "Paradise by the dashboard light."

Here is the new commercial.


Gus said...

God, that song. My first day at college I went to the orientation dance and they played it. I, despite being an avid music listener, very frequent concert goer and all-around music nerd, had somehow never heard the song. I was appalled to see all my fellow students dancing around and singing along to a bizarre, obviously archaic song that sounded like a mix between something from The Grease soundtrack and "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

avk said...

The first time I saw Meatloaf in concert was one of my top five concert experiences (just edging out the band that set the 400 Bar on fire for #3).

Are you sure that's really his family? They reek of Central Casting to me. Then again, so do the kids in the Christian Children's Fund commercials.

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